Hey, what’s going on out there? This is Jayne with tri-county locksmith and today we’re checking out the Ariat h2o slip-on boot basically the boot. That we had before this was the dinner and the dinner rampant. Wellington did pretty good had about 18 solid months of the boot on my foot and did really well the leather didn’t blow out the only thing that started to happen was the sole of the boot cracked here and on the inside, the gore-tex lining failed back.

You see that once the gore-tex lining fails. They’re no longer waterproof so that means that your feet are didn’t get wet. That’s pretty much the whole point of me having them and paying for the extra the extra money for the waterproof lining. Because the leather itself isn’t exactly a waterproof first thing that we do is? We go ahead and oil the bootup. If you’re not oiling your boots.

You’re just missing them they need to be oiled and this is the best stuff that. I’ve found it’s going to make the leather outlast the boot that’s exactly what happened with the Danner’s is that the soles bear. It’s broke and cracked all that stuff the leather is fine on it. So you know the leather actually outlasted the boot whereas usually. It’s the other way around, more than it also helps with the stitching and all that fun stuff open offs heavy duty LP leather preservative makes the great product for leather so we’ve hit that up with these.

I hit them on they’re brand new and then I hit them once every year. Before the-the winter season, when it gets really wet. So let’s go over some of the things that this has I never thought I would be buying a pair of Ariat zip heads and friends have them. I’ve seen some reviews. They’re just not a dedicated work boot. But they’re trying to move in that direction. So I figured this is a review on my blog.


It will be boring for me to do the same review on this boot over again. Even though I would definitely buy it again. It’s just boring nobody cares. We already did that? So let’s try something different at the local store. They did have a sale these were on sale. They were about a hundred eighty bucks. So you’re writing them at two hundred dollar price mark. That’s right about where these were and I gotta admit so far.

I’m pretty happy with them I’m really not a fan all the free. You know cowboy looking stuff on here frankly, they do have a model of the h2o boot. That is a darker model that does not have all this on here they did not have it in the store. But you can find that online that would have been my first preference but that’s a style preference. It’s up to you if you like the frilly stuff good find.

Whatever I kind of not that big of a fan of it. But, it’s going to be under a pant leg. Nobody’s going to see it only thing people are going to see is from here down. So that’s where we’re at the leather did darken up quite a bit after? We use the oil but some of the features of this after doing some research Ariat is actually really trying to not be a dress boot so much as for as they are actually trying. I mean there’s still a dress boot and western wear boot. But they actually are trying to get into the work field and work boot field.

They’re actually trying to make some effort to it one of the things that we notice is this right here. This has a three-stage sole has three different compounds of rubber. This is a nice squishy foam. You can see it’s nice and squishy this is nice and hard so it can take the abrasion and the impact of it on the ground and then this provides some cushion for your foot in between that is another different little cushion layer right there and so you’ve got three different.

You know densities of rubber and it actually goes all the way up to here. It’s not only in the heel it actually goes all the way up to here these did not have? So they use all three of these different kinds of rubbers to you know make your foot have a little bit less impact while still trying to provide a durable grippy bottom. You know we’ll see how that plays out. I can say they’re comfortable. I mean I put them right on at the store and I wouldn’t buy them.

If they weren’t any break-in time at all. They’re just they dig fit and just stick to feet like glue and they feel good. I wouldn’t bottom otherwise like I said: I was already hesitant to buy them in the first place just. Because of some of the other reviews that we’ve gotten. But we’ll see how long it how long they last like I said I wear boots. You know except for the two hottest months out of the year, when it’s just too hot and you wear tennis shoes every other day.

I’m wearing these even on the weekends and stuff. So we’ll see how they will see how they fare? You know is going to be in the snow the mud the ice. You know it’s a wet environment and you know in the worst conditions. More than, you know it’s not exactly oil filled work. But you know it’s just I’m fairly hard on boots and if they can last with me for a year or two then they’ve done pretty well.


If I can get over a year out of a hundred and eighty dollar pair of boots.  I’m pretty happy because of this boot most comfortable for me and if you want to learn more information about it, you will find some of the most comfortable work boots at Shoes Cast. That’s just kind of the way that it’s worked for me some of the other things. That they’re incorporating with this too that it really proves.

They’re actually really trying to get into that work boot market is this orange insert. Right here now this orange insert is actually a hard poly or plastic or something like that and it stretches from here all the way up to the tip here and basically what that does is that provides support in this area.  

If you’re using these boots to you know dig holes kick a shovel use tools things like that this is going to be your friend it. I’ve already tried it actually works really well. It provides a lot of support and it’s actually started to change the way that. I walk a little bit for the better in all reality. It actually has more of an even-even footprint for me now and that’s kind of strange.

That’s never really happened to me before but it has with these standing on a ladder if your painter carpenter contractor. You know, you’re on a ladder or climbing up and down the telephone pole. Whatever it is that you do that? You’re going to be having something. But the huge difference between these no support right here other than just the river lots of support right here and that was something that really impressed me.

That is kind of turning my opinion around that they’re actually taking this seriously. You know other than that we’ve got a lot of stitching. We’ll see how the weather holds up? You know we know that Danner uses thick premium leather and that’s why their boots last so long will see weather area does that or not? And you know this is where it takes all the brunt of it the abrasions and dirt and cracking and stuff is going to be right around in here on the toe and you know right back here. But there’s no seam on the back one more thing is that where these boots did blow out right in the back right here.

Where your heel sits or your heel slides up and down and they have added some kind of they call it some kind of patented technology. But you can see down in there that there’s a piece of leather right here see if we can see it. There’s a piece of leather on the inside of the boot. So it’s going to take that shocker not too much shock but that’s going to take that rubbing and that abrasion and-and put it on that piece of leather instead of putting it on the gore-tex fabric or the waterproof liner.

If you want to learn more information about Ariat Workhog, you can watch the video below to reference:

This isn’t exactly gore-tex. It’s Arizona Brown but we’ll see how it fares and how it works out throughout the season and you know the laser blaster. They won’t and we’ll do a review in a year or so and we’ll either say that they’re good or they’re garbage. We don’t know yet but this is their waterproof model. They’re h2o  and they do have a darker one. I wish it would have got it.

But it is what it is the toes a little pointed on these? You know at least, it’s not the flat. So I really don’t like that? So they’re a little bit different style than what I would normally go after but once again. We’re giving them a shot and we’ll see how they do and we’ll talk to you in about a year or so thanks for reading. Please share this post for me. See you again in the next post reviews.

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