How to Think in English Only – Learn to Speak Fluently

How to Think in English Only – Learn to Speak Fluently

How’s it going? I’m Daniel and this is going natural English Thank you so much for joining me on YouTube and also on my Podcast which you can find on iTunes or on Stitcher radio? Now in this English tip, I’m going to answer a question from a go natural English Community member Joan Joan told me that his biggest challenge is how to think only in English.

So in this quick tip, I’m going to give you my advice. Now before I give you my top tips I just want to thank my friends at verbalizing because they’ve offered to give the GoNaturalEnglish Community a special free trial of their one to one premium paid tutoring lessons with a native English speaking qualified teacher.

So you can take advantage of that offer to try it out and see if verbalising is right for you at it’s a great way to practice I love practicing languages online myself And I’ll tell you in another episode about my Portuguese lessons that I took in verbalising But let’s keep it focused and not get off topic Let’s talk about how to think only in English, so take a look over here.

I have written down on my whiteboard, First of all, start small you don’t have to think Every single thought completely in English Start with the words that you know for example. Let’s see over here. I have a book Do you know the word for the book of course you do? I just said it book right, but if I’m trying to learn another language, for example, I’m trying to learn Portuguese I might think to myself I’m going to read a ‘livro’: a book, right? In Portuguese.

So you can think in your native language but then add the words that you know in English so start small and imperfect. This is just your thoughts in your mind Nobody else is going to hear your thoughts. So it’s okay to make mistakes It’s okay if you think of bad grammar. Nobody’s going to know so think of The best grammar and the best vocabulary that you can but if you know it’s not perfect.

It’s okay what you want to do is Note? what you don’t know and find out, so if you know that you’re thinking in bad grammar, or if you’re not sure to Write it down. Write down a note to yourself is this correct and write down the grammar that you have a question about or the vocabulary? Aware that you have a question about let’s say, I don’t know the word book in another language. I’ll write that down. What is the word for the book how can I say book in? Portuguese or in another language I’m learning.

Okay, so when you find out. Now you can find out the right way to say things in a lot of different ways you could an ask a friend who speaks English or studying English with you ask an English teacher Look online Google it. It now when I’ve learned other languages Spanish Portuguese French Japanese And I love learning languages, so now I’m not trying [to] Brag But I do love to find out how to speak other languages like a native speaker.

And I have found it really difficult to find the answers Online or I just don’t have a friend around who speaks the language fluently. So what I recommend is to get online try an online lesson and you can ask your English teacher. How can I say this in a Natural or native way? How do native speakers talk about this? Whatever it is that you want to talk about. So again. I would recommend trying verbalizing and you can find that special offer to try your first lesson for free at V E R B L I N G Only through that link can you get the special offer for the go Daniel English community all right?

Now Here are some other ideas for thinking in English Id or identify objects? Oh, what’s that? It’s a plant, right? So think in English ask yourself a question in English or in your native language But just look around you. Where are you? What environment are you in? can you label items that you see? That’s a great way to get started, and you’ll find quickly which parts of your vocabulary need developing.

So identify plan I know that we all think about what we’re going to do In our minds, so ask yourself in English. What am I going to do today? What do I want to do this weekend and make those plans in your mind in English? make stories Yes, I love this so if you have some free time maybe you’re on the bus, or you’re just waiting for someone Make up a little story. It could be while you’re walking around.

Let’s say I go out to a cafe, and you know I see Someone I could think to myself you know, I wonder what do they do Oh, maybe he works as a banker Maybe he has a family so I’m thinking to myself in English. I’m creating some stories about people that I see or I could completely make up everything in my mind if you’re a kind of creative person it might be easy for you to do.

And makeup сonversations. I want you to imagine that you’re having the kind of conversation that you would like to have so you know Imagine a person we would like to speak with what do you want to say to them him or her or them? would you ask them questions, of course, you would because that’s how we keep conversations interesting. Think about what questions could you ask what information would you share about yourself?

So make up the conversation in your mind even imagine what the other person is going to say to you Now these are all great ways to think in English, and if you keep doing this if you continue to just start small Imperfect is okay if you identify those around you if you make your plans in your mind Or you know writing a to-do list in English makeup stories makeup conversations and This is where you’re going to grow the most Make a note actually it could be in your mind, or you could write it down or you could enter it in your smartphone Send an email to yourself.

If you want to Speak English Fluently, you should watch the video below:

Whatever you do to stay organized with your notes and understand and realize and Just make a note of those words or the grammar points that you’re not sure about how to say Maybe there’s an idiom that you think you’ve heard people say in English but you’re not quite sure what it is or a slang word that you’d like to ask about save those notes and Ask you can ask me you can contact me, but the best way like I’ve mentioned a couple times already is to go to

Alright now if you’d like to learn more from me and go Daniel English I have an awesome new members video course that’s called fluent in 15. Because there are 15-minute lessons, so you can learn quickly and easily together with me and the go Daniel English community With video and with our secret practice group online to find out more about that at F L U E N T 1 5. Thank you so much.

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