IWB Holster Review: Alex & Ryan Design Light Bearing

Hey there you two thanks so much for stopping by the blog and this is Marcus. So today’s review we are going to be discussing the new light bearing inside the waistband holster from none other than Alex and Ryan design holsters, which is can call the best kydex iwb holster.

Alex & Ryan Design Light Bearing IWB Holster

Let’s take a closer look all right. So now onto the tabletop portion of the review now real quickly before we dive further into the holster review. If you guys are unfamiliar with who Alex and Ryan design holsters are real quick. I’ma roll in just a few photos of their most popular model by far of holsters. Which is called the Master Blaster so when I actually saw the Master Blaster.

I actually had the impression that the company kind of featured and built custom small package holsters for your smaller frame guns like your small Ruger’s your LCPs. You know the small 380s the-the Glock 42 s the 43 s and so forth so when I received this holster for review. You know I’ve done my research and kind of find out these guys actually offer a very wide array of services whether.

You’re looking for a custom handcuff carrier creator. If you’re you know law enforcement officer you’re a bounty hunter. Whatever they even offer a custom codex builder so if you’re looking to build something similar to this, which is inside the waistband or and outside the waistband holster. They offer combo holsters just like the master blaster. You just solve they even offer a line of revolver holsters as well, which I thought was very cool precision products carriers for 308.

They even offer our mark cutting services as well as shotgun barrel porting. So again they actually offer a very large array of services now one product. That I actually saw that I thought was pretty unique within the industry. So let’s say you build your own particular codex holster. You spend a lot of money on that you can actually buy a lifetime warranty for your actual holster that you built and if you ever break it.

Let’s and let’s admit it guys there’s a lot of us that are generally pretty rough on our holsters. So if you happen to break it. You can actually send in your broken holster and they will make you a brand new one and send it back out to you for the life of the holster. So I thought that that was very cool so anyway back to the review. So what I’m looking for guys for you is? I am looking for a well-finished product.

I’m looking for areas that they may have skipped corners okay areas that they just simply overlooked and I’ll be honest with you. I think that you’re going to be very impressed with this. So let’s start off first right off the bat the part that’s so I’m a right-handed shooter the holster is going to leg my stomach like this. These are all points of contact here that are going to come into contact with my skin okay and as you can see here from the gleam that.

This is very well polished. So it has a very smooth finish all the way around. I looked for areas that were raised that were sharp that might have a tendency to either scratch or cut and I found none so it was a very well finished product they took their time and made sure that. They didn’t skip anything the inside is very very smooth and which is important.

Because when we are drawing that firearm we want the least amount of resistance as possible. So that’s important also too from drawing and reholstering. This is going to increase the longevity of the finish of your firearm. Because it is such a smooth finish from microabrasions. So next what I’m looking for is? I’m looking for a good clip. How does it actually attach to the person’s belt?

Now I am generally a fan of the two-point or the two Clips such as some of your larger combo packages like some of the other competitors. However, if I am going to have a single point belt clip this is the one that. I want and for it really is personal preference this is another style of holster. But you can see the single point or the single. It’s just a smaller single hook and I’m just not a fan of these single ones that just again.

It’s personal preference. I want as much contact here on the belt as possible and I feel like that the more contact that. I have the more stable. That it’s going to be throughout the day in the movement of the actual holster itself on my belt okay another thing that. I look for is a positive contact to the actual Codex itself. Now that’s something that I think maybe even some other companies overlook.

I’ve actually had a holster that no matter what belt that I wore when I would actually go to draw what would happen is that the holster or excuse me the clip itself did not have positive contact and it was not very stiff this is a very stiff clip. Which is good this is what you want but the other one that. I had been testing was when I would go to draw my firearm.

It would either come out and it would be about halfway up my belt or it would come all the way over the belt and so what would happen is? I wouldn’t be able to draw the firearm completely out of the holster. Which is just a recipe for disaster? I have not had that happen with this holster and I’ve tried to duplicate that but when I put this on it locks into place firmly alright lastly, of course, this one features the raping concealment claw.

Now I am a huge fan of this product. I think Raven concealment knocked it out of the ballpark and I love the fact that they have now a course or selling these to other manufacturers. So that other company can enjoy the benefits of this type of clip now the only criticism that. I can actually give this particular holster is this actual claw. Now what I want to do is?

Guide use iwb holsters for you

I’m going to actually put the holster on and I’m going to show you a detailed close-up post real quick and give you a little bit more in depth of what. I’m actually talking about again it is the only criticism that I can give it’s not a huge one but for me personally. It was just something that I just want to bring a point up, alright guys. So I’m going to do the best job that.

I can here up I’m doing this one-handed. So let me just kind of show you real quickly here give you a close-up there’s the belt claw. Now I don’t know if you guys can see this but there is there is you know just a very small amount of material here the belt is doing all the work of holding my pants up this has an internal plastic shim all the way through it so this is it’s got a lot of support okay this belt does?

I’ve actually done a review of it called the track line EDC belt. I’ll make sure to post that link below paragraph but what-what I’m actually referring to here is the actual claw itself sure. If you can see that but it doesn’t quite want to make contact with my bill. I’m going to show you what will happen to the stock here. I’m just going to relax this is what happens to the stock here.

When I actually push on the actual belt itself you can see it’s going to bring this stock close to my belly or if I was to take my finger and place it in front of the actual clip itself. It’s going to tuck this. It’s going to tuck that stock really nice against my stomach and of course, that is the purpose but again generally. What I have found is that it doesn’t quite make contact.

Now I will say this if you are a larger person and I’m going to push out with my stomach. When I push out with my gut that claw makes perfect contact with the belt. So I believe that if you are a larger individual and you’ve got more girth in the stomach area this. This holster is going to do you very well. Let me just show you another comparison here real quick with an another claw so to speak alright.

So here is the Raven claw here or on the Alex and Ryan holster and here is just a different manufacturer just want to show you a difference in a variance here. You can see the aggressiveness of this angle here versus this one you can see it probably a little bit better there again these are just two different manufacturers. Now I can tell you that this is not a fluke or some kind of AB morality this is the holster that I showed you earlier with the clip attachment that I didn’t like the identical Raven claw.

You can see there how that is manufactured how it kind of curves down and then up. You can see the same design there so these are two identical claws and I had the same issues with this holster as I had with this one with it just not quite making contact with the belt. But again that is just my own personal body type, not the actual holster itself. So a few things that I did forget to mention was the sight channel and the RMR cut so really quickly.

Let me show you the sights blog. Now I’m running a coarse suppressor sight and I am missing the rear one. I’m in the process of swapping my sights out and do not have access to a sight picture at the moment. But you can see it’s very flush. It’s very rounded all the way around okay plenty of clearance on all sides and that’s just a sign that.

They took their time when they were making that and you can see that. That is beautifully finished from the beginning to the very end. Now in reference to the are mark cut the RMR is actually cut of course into the sweat guard now look how plush this cut is. It’s almost I don’t know if that was cut by a machine. I you know it might have been, but I can tell you that they’ve done a very good job on cutting that.

It’s very flush. It is perfectly aligned with the very bottom. You can see there the very bottom of the RMR very nice finish here with the actual cut. Now you can see if you’ll notice you see that mark there. This is the actual control portion of the RMR. It’s almost like a reinforced rubber or nylon finish.

It is flexible okay of course in order for you to control the intensity of the RMR light. But you’ll notice that line that is from another manufacturer. Who did not take the time when they were making their rmr cuts and they cut it too high and so it was constantly rubbing against my controls of the RMR and I’ll tell you the last thing.

I want to do is have some kind of tear or you know a basically the wearing down of that and allow moisture to get inside the controls here and have a failure of my RMR and have to send this thing back to Trijicon that’s the last thing. I want to happen so anyway guys I think that Alex and Ron’s designs hit this one out of the ballpark. I believe that they have done an outstanding job in making a very great product again.

I’m really excited for more companies to come out with their version of an inside the waistband holster. You know again the more companies that we have made that the more competition that. We’re going to have which is going to keep those price points low for the consumers so anyway guys Alex and Ron design all right guys. That’s going to wrap up this post review.

If you want more information about Alex & Ryan Design Light Bearing IWB Holster, you can watch the video below:

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