Oven Review: Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven TOB-260

Oven Review: Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven TOB-260

Hello, Everybody! I’m Mary Rogers and I get a lot of questions about how to choose the best oven? And today, I will practice the best countertop convection oven review for everybody.

Overview about Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven

This is Cuisinart’s new chef’s convection oven. It’s beautifully designed. You’ll notice that exterior is brushed stainless steel has a nice large grip handle to open the oven. So that you can see inside and you’ll notice inside there’s a pizza stone. Which I’m going to show you how to use them a little bit? It’s 13 inches so you can put up to a 13-inch pie in there and you can also use pizza stones for other things, not just pizza.

You can use it to do like rolls and bread. It’s really efficient and great to get a really great crust on any type of bread. Are you going to bake the other thing? You’ll notice there are multiple slots and multiple positions for your baking rack and with this oven. We give you multiple baking racks. I just want to show you something the musician in the middle here when you close the oven and open it.

It automatically ejects the rack for you when you’re using it. So that’s really nice another thing it comes with a 9 by 13-inch baking and broiling pan. It’s two pieces as you can see very generous and a nine by 13 is a really common large size for any type of baking pan. So that’s a really generous size. If you’re going to do a panel lasagna or a large batch of chicken. It’s terrific has a really nice easy clean interior has an interior light, which you can on which automatically goes on?

When you open it up, but you can also turn it on and off yourself just by pressing this button you also notice there’s a very large display. The unit has eighteen hundred and seventy-five watts of power it also is 0.95 cubic feet it also has 15 cooking functions. Which is terrific plus it has something called a really innovative feature called dual cook and speed convection. Let’s look at the panel here very nice and large clock display here.

This is your selector dial which is going to do all of your functions for you. I’m going to show you how to use that in a minute then you also have your start and stop button here your thirty Seconds button. We’re you can add 30 seconds to a cooking time your convection feature your light like. I mentioned speed convection, which is great because you don’t have to use do any preheating.

When you use that and then dual cook dual click is a great function. Because it allows you to combine two different cooking functions. So, for instance, you wanted to bake something and then broil it. You can actually set the oven so it does both functions and you don’t have to come back and stop and start the oven again yourself. So let’s look at some of the functions on the major panel first you have toast bagel waffle, which is great. If you do frozen waffles?

The next one is traditional to bake royal roast pizza and the pizza function. I’m going to actually use today to make a pizza sandwich. If you’re going to do any kind of heated sandwiches keep warm and also leftovers. I love the leftover function. Because I don’t like to reheat my leftovers in the microwave. So that’s a great function if you don’t want to use a microwave to reheat food. I’m just going to press the start/stop button.

So we get back to a clear panel and I’m going to show you how some of these function works? First, you have toasts so when you turn the dial to toast you press the middle of the dial. Which going to engage your function then it goes to automatically to the number four shade control and you can just step between one and seven and the dial goes both ways. So you can go up or down so to show you pick number four then once again.

It’s going to show you how many slices you’re going to do one two four one two – three – four five – six seven – nine slices and then you can just press and then it’s going to ask you. If it’s frozen when you see that snowflake. If you pick that it’s going to think that you’re doing something. That’s frozen and then you’re going to hit start. It’s going to countdown for you to our next function after a toast.

Let’s just pick one so that you can see let’s do bake and dual cook. The first one you’re going to Jews is baked. I’m going to bake it for 350 let’s say for 45 minutes and you engage it and now I’m going to pick my next functional. It’s going to be broiled at 500 for ten minutes and then you’re going to hit start and that’s really great. Because you pre-programmed everything you picked all your times in your temperature.

You put your food in it’s going to go through the preheating function and then it’s going to start cooking and it’s really great. When you want to do two-step operations and speed convection is basically. You don’t have to like I mentioned earlier. You don’t have to go through the preheat function.  What we’re going to do now is? I’m going to actually show you going to set the pizza function up.

Baking pizza with Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven

I’m going to show you how we’re going to make a pizza? So once again press Pizza. I’m going to go on 450. I’m going to do 12 inches and I’m going to do a fresh pizza and have seen how I turn the dial and the snowflake went away. I’m doing fresh and I cook it for 15 minutes and I’m going to get it started. Because it’s going to go through a preheat phase and then while that’s preheating I’m actually going to prepare the pizza.

Now, remember the important thing about using a pizza stone is it needs to be preheated before you actually use it? Because what’s going to happen is when you put the pizza on the stone. The pizza is actually going to absorb the heat from the stone. That’s what’s going to make for a beautifully finished crust for you. So I already prepared this pizza dough so we just have to shape it.

I’m going to move this tray. So that you can see better and one of the things. I want to mention is if you don’t own a pizza peel. There’s a couple of different ways to transfer your pizza to the actual pizza oven after you’ve shaped it. You can use the back of a baking pan put some cornmeal on it this happens to be heat proof. So what I’m going to do is? I already it’s hard to tell, but I already put the cornmeal on top and what you do is just put the cornmeal on and just?

I always like to rub it around to make sure it’s like evenly dispersed and the importance of this is the cornmeal. Because pizza dough is moist the cornmeal is actually like little ball bearings. So what happens is once you get that pizza dough there? It’s not going to stick and it also because it’s like little ball bearings going to allow you to slide it right off that into the oven for when you want to bake your pizza. So here’s our pizza dough. I’m just going to share this.

I’m just going to use my hands today because I don’t have a bowling pin so don’t be afraid to make pizza. It’s such a fun thing to do I’d love to do it at home and it tastes so much better than frozen pizza and doesn’t be afraid some people think that pizza is intimidating. But you know what it’s just flour and water. It’s nothing bad that you can do to it so just you know practice your skills a little bit shape it by pulling on it sometimes.

I find that what really really helps is if you let the pizza rest a little bit it’ll relax and you notice it’s really stretchy. When it’s relaxed it’s a lot easier to stretch so just keep working with this until it’s the shape you want and don’t worry it does not have to be perfect. That’s the one thing I think people get so overly concerned about is perfection it does not have to be perfect and I make pizza all the time.

I love to make it with my nephews. I was going through some old pictures recently and I saw pictures of my nephews who are now 19 and 20 and they were like four and six and we were making pizza. In my first little house that I had so that looks pretty good so what we’re going to do is put it on this stretched out like. I said it does not have to be perfect what we’re going to do is and be creative with the stuff.

If you don’t like tomato sauce don’t use tomato sauce. If you don’t like tomatoes don’t use Tomatoes you can do? There are so many great pizzas. I’ve seen recently like my husband and I had one the other day and it was like lemon and thyme and onions it was really tasty. So just you know get creative with it don’t worry about it. The next thing I want to do is put on? I like to use fresh tomatoes we’re going to put on just some slices of fresh tomatoes like.

I said don’t be worried about being a perfectionist with this still going to taste the same when you’re done put one more spread it out. What I’m going to do is top it with the cheese? Sometimes, what I like to do is bake my pizza? I’m not going to do this today, but just a little tip for yourselves. I like to bake the pizza like halfway and then add the cheese to the top. Because sometimes if the cheese is in there the entire time will get a little brown and depending on how you like it?

You know I just don’t like my cheese on top brownish. So I like to put it in halfway when it’s done. What I’m going to do? I’m going to show you how easily this slides around and if it doesn’t just give it some assistance. What I’m going to do is the ovens not quite preheated? We’re going to wait till. It’s preheated but when it is I’m going to show you how to slide it right into the oven? We’re going to bake that pizza off so our ovens up to temperature and now what we’re going to do is put on our pizza?

I’m just going to pull this out because of the angle. I’m at and get the pizza and really quick and remember what I told you little cornmeal always helps and there we go? We’re just going to push the rack back in getting a little cornmeal in the front, but that’s close it. Let it cook. We’re going to come back and see what a beautiful pie. We made so our pizzas all done the oven turned off.

If you want to know information about Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven TOB-260, you can wacth the video below to reference:

We’re just going to open it. I’m going to use a potholder to pull out this rack. So you can see the beautiful pizza. Now for today, I’m just going to use the tongs and show you what a gorgeous pizza? We made with our chef’s convection oven. I love making pizza and add a little extra flavor. My husband loves basil and I like to put this on it in on the end so it doesn’t turn brown just put a little bit of fragrant basil on the top and there you have it a beautiful homemade pizza.


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