Are You Going to Reviewing the Best Car Battery Charger in This Season

You are going to plan a long journey in a few days and you also remember to prepare some car gear behind like a lot of tires and repairing tools. Hey, do not miss out the battery charger as you do not want to get stuck in a wild place! You find out that you do not have any battery charger at home and you are looking at the new one. Before checking the best car battery charger in a review, you should get a better understanding first!

Distinguish Voltage and Amperage


It mentions to the pressure of the circuit’s source of power. Voltage can work due to the current pushing or electrons charged from a loop. Then, it will work like a powerful light. It could be used direct current or alternating current.


It transfers to the electrical current by amps or amperes. An ampere is a one-coulomb charge about 6.241×1018 electrons for each second to flow a given point. Amperes evaluate electrical gadgets letting the current’s amount one draw from the certain energy when running on a regular basis.

Could a car battery charger explode?

In fact, automotive electrical systems are not extremely complicated when you increase your viewer in a picture.

A bunch of technologies you and I use these days has been invented for several years ago. It also includes alternators to lead-acid batteries. However, there are still many persons out there suppose that those devices are new ones and they have no idea to use these correctly.

A car battery charger is a common example in this situation. The threats related to use a battery charger wrongly can cause various damages or even lead to a big exploding. However, do not worry about it because you will have an opportunity to prevent these if you spend your limited time to understand the reasons a car battery can blow up. Then, you will know how to undertake this accident by taking a few foundation precautions.

Carefully bring together a battery charger or jumper cables

There are a lot of general rules that ought to support you safely link jumper cables, but there are also a number of specific situations which replace those rules. Thus, before you use your car to offer a jumpstart, agree with a jump from others or tie up a charger to your battery.

The first thing you should do is checking your owner’s manual to ensure your car does not have appointment connection points other than your battery. If your car has a battery which is covered somewhere weird like a wheel. Then, there is a great opportunity that you are assumed to use a junction block or some other types of remote connection.

No matter the vehicles in question, the foundation idea behind securely connecting jumper cables is linking the electrical system of a donor vehicle which has a great power to the electrical system of a vehicle with a dead battery.

An excellent battery should be connected to the similar quality and the bad ones can be connected together. This is because connecting backward probably harms your cars and make possibly sparks that you may not recognize.

How to have safe jumper cables

There are a few simple steps that you could undertake.

  •    Make sure that the keys to your vehicles are in the “off” position
  •    Connect to a jumper cable first with the positive terminal of the donor battery
  •    Make a connection of the similar cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery
  •    Put the other jumper cable to the negative terminal of the donor battery
  •    Add the other end of the cable to bare metal on the engine or frame of the car with the dead battery

Similarly, you enable to connect the battery charger in the same ways (instead of a donor battery, you are choosing a charger). The positive charger cable could be placed on battery positive after the negative charger cable should be connected to bare metal on the motor or frame of the vehicle.

There are also some exceptions where positive is on the ground. Most automotive electrical systems have negative is on the ground. This is the reason you enable to connect a charger or a jumper cable to uncover metal on the construction or engine of a vehicle with a dead battery. Also, it has current movement to the battery.

Absolutely, it is properly possible to link to battery negative directly and it is so simple in some situations. Hence, if it is a necessary and ideal thing when connecting to some other points, why it still appears accident? This is because you surely do not want your battery exploding!

How can I charge my car battery?

In general, a fully charged car battery can work the starter for around 10 minutes and the headlights can range about 8 hours. A heated rear window can act 12 hours. When the battery closes to full discharge, the lights automatically open and go out altogether at the end.

An average car battery has 48 amp hours when it has a full charge. In other words, it has 1 amp for 48 hours, 2 amps for 24 hours, 8 amps for 6 hours, etc. The list can go on!

A foundation charger often has 2 amps and it needs one day to deliver the 48 amps to get a full charge a flat, 48 amp hour batteries. Nonetheless, there is a huge range of chargers with different charge abilities on the market. They could be from 2 to 10 amps.

A flat battery is quickly recharged and it also requires you have to charge more. Please note that fast charging is unexpected because it can fasten the battery plates.

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Closing thoughts

Car battery charger is a common product on the market, but you need to take time to understand how it works and how to deal with related issues. These are easy to recognize when you remember your basic knowledge at your school.

Choosing the Top Stability Running Shoes is a Perfect Investment for Runners

Stability running shoes give a great combination of cushioning, support, and endurance as well. For those who have average weight or normal arches, then you could try a pair of stability running shoes.

Or if you have supination problems and you want to own good running shoes with great support and stability, you will purchase these types…I mean stability running shoes!

Do not search for the top stability running shoes in advance. Instead, discover all stories surrounding these products!

About stability running shoes

Stability running shoes hold your feet safely locked in the proper position without making a mess while running. Because these shoes are regularly harder than other running shoes, they have the rigid construction that strengthens the arch side of midsoles.

In fact, these shoes allow more flex than motion control shoes. The shoe type is more rigid than neutral shoes. Typically, stability running footwear comes from a firm medical product which evades over-pronation of the foot.

Who should wear stability running shoes?

Flat feet runners are the first users need to take into account these running shoes on the list as they will take the biggest benefits.

Also, over-pronation runners need to consider at the same time. Regularly, these shoes often have additional foam in the arches with other support features like minimizing the inward roll.

Should neutral runners select these shoes? I am pretty sure that you do not want to hurt your feet wearing stability running shoes if you are a neutral runner.

In case you wish to get these shoes, make sure you love the way they lock down your foot and the running feeling.

And you also ignore heavy-duty constructions! Wait a minute…you ought to invest in these stability running shoes when you have both neutral level without having extra foot issues.

Receive these good points with the stability running shoes

Pronation handle

Over-pronators enable to have tremendous support from a steady pair of shoe. The shoes assist decrease over-pronation condition and offer the simple gait during running or walking.

Great cushioning

With superior cushioning, it ought to provide a fiber underfoot feet. Apart from giving good comfort, the cushioning can alleviate the influence on the path or trail. Furthermore, it relieves possible injuries and pressure on your joints and leg.

Arch support system

The arch support system in the stability running shoes is much essential in supporting middle arches than other kinds of running shoes. This support system gives you prevent the issue of rolling inward during moving.

Durable level

The robust midsole materials and thick level in the cushioning of a pair of stability running shoes boost its durability. These shoes are higher than neutral ones or lower.

Things to consider before opening your wallet

Ideal size for your feet type

Most runners always blame that they cannot find the right size for their feet. In fact, each brand will have its standard point about the size and the form as well.

The width of your feet is also an issue of amazing performance when tackling the pronation troubles. Moreover, the toe box factor is also necessary for taking the proper shoes.

There are 3 certain pronation issues that you should remember – under pronation, neutral pronation, and over-pronation). For example, if you have wider feet, you will get trouble with narrowness shoes.

For the width reason, you need to try a pair of shoes on your feet to make sure your feet are suitable.

Determine the run length

In fact, this factor is ideal for choosing the stability running shoes or other running shoes. Most runners relish the shoes with greater motion control and stability for long distance tracks.

Please bear in mind that stability running shoes are excellent for stability runners with flat feet or Plantar Faciitis, this is also a smart choice for those who often practice standard marathon and long distance roads at once.

Hence, every runner will give different feedbacks because they have different training targets.

Pay attention to the durability and the quality

Do you recognize that most running shoes with good stability are regularly well-made or having top-notch quality? There is a solid connection between boosted durability levels and high support.

Check firmness for long distances

Runners probably agree that the comfort and stability levels are equally crucial in a pair of running shoes. When the endurance demand rise, those features are more necessary. Check firmness by seeing the overall quality and the construction at the same time.

Wear socks or not

In my opinion, it does not matter for wearing socks or not while moving with the stability running shoes. There is no rule at this point. You just do it or not with the most comfort and stay focused on your track.

Do not miss out the shoe thongs

To have the right balance while moving, the shoe thongs should be tight. However, do not do it strongly such your feet need to breathe and keep moisture level.


A pair of stability running shoes is a wonderful product to help you and other runners keep up with their job.

Additionally, you enable to have them on every casual situation like go shopping, go working, etc. to protect your feet perfectly. Mix these shoes with your dresses and suitable accessories! Oh, do not forget to show your own style while choosing the stability running shoes.

Some tips about Air Compressors & Pneumatic Tools For You

Alright, today on my blog. I’m going to address a request from a viewer that I got back in January, and well, it’s June right now so I got to say I’m really sorry it took me this long to get to it. Alright, well today on my blog, we’re at the shipyard, and we’re going to talk about air compressors and pneumatic tools.

Some things you should know about air compressor

There is a serious compressor. So here’s a beautiful air compressor set up. That one’s just permanently mounted in the back of this service truck. You can see that it says thirty gallons. So there’s an engine mounted air compressor, direct-driven on the side of this fairly new Cummins diesel. Here’s a good sized tank on the back of this service truck. Alright now, speaking of air compressors, here’s a couple of “tow behind” air compressors made by the SULLAIR company.

This bigger one over here delivers a hundred and twenty-five pounds of pressure and four hundred and twenty-five cubic feet per minute – which is quite an impressive amount of air. You’d use that for sandblasting equipment or jackhammers – that kind of air operated equipment. When you go to choose best air compressor for you, what’s funny is that the first thing that you’ll see listed about it is the tank size – which in reality is the least important thing to do with the air compressor.

What’s really important is the pump size and the motor size. And the pump will be rated in cubic feet per minute. If you can’t find the rating for how many cubic feet per minute the air pump is going to make then it’s safe to say that you’re going to get three or four cubic feet per minute for every horsepower. A lot of hobbyist machines, the horsepower has been exaggerated by marketing departments in order to sell more.

If it’s a one-ten plugin then it’s not going to be more than two horsepower, otherwise, it will have a two-hundred and twenty-volt hook-up. You know the pressure rating on it again is not that important, they should all make at least ninety to a hundred and ten PSI. Now if you need higher pressure than ninety to a hundred and then you’re going to have to look at a two stage air compressor.

When you have a two-stage compressor you might have as high as a hundred and seventy-five PSI. So the duty cycle of your air compressor is one of the more important things that you can try and find out. The duty cycle is how long it’s rated to keep running during use. So if you have a hobbyist air compressor that’s duty cycle is fifty percent that means that fifty percent of the time you’re using it that motor can be running safely and without overheating. If you exceed fifty percent of the time when you’re in danger of wearing out your pump a lot faster than you had bargained for.

Commercial duty air compressors, on the other hand, have duty cycles of seventy-five percent and even a hundred percent. You don’t even need a tank if you’ve got an air compressor with a hundred percent duty cycle. So if you’re a hobbyist you know fifty percent duty cycle is probably all you need, but if you’re running a shop and you’ve got a lot of guys perhaps you’re going to want to look at something industrial with a seventy-five or even a hundred percent duty cycle.

A five horsepower compressor with a hundred percent duty cycle is going to make more air than a seven and a half horsepower compressor that only has a seventy-five percent duty cycle. If it is for commercial use you really should get as big a compressor as you can afford because you won’t be sorry. So to choose the right compressor you’re going to have to ask yourself what kind of demands you’re going to be making.

Should use air tools?

What are the air tools that you’re going to be using, what applications are you going to be using them for? Are they going to be more than one user at a time? Is it going to be intermittent use or is it going to be the continuous duty? Let’s go open my file folder of owner’s manuals and technical data. OK, this is three cubic feet per minute then just to operate this little right angle grinder. And a right angle drill this time, again, six cubic feet per minute. This little cut-off saw here four cubic feet per minute.

This is an air body-saw it’s basically a pneumatic hacksaw, great for doing bodywork. Six cubic feet per minute for this one. Alright, so this is an air hammer. It’s rated at ninety PSI of course and four point four cubic feet per minute. This pistol grip drill consumes four cubic feet per minute again rated at ninety PSI. Three eights impact gun that’s rated at four cubic feet per minute.

Another style three eights pneumatic wrench again rated at four cubic feet per minute. And four cubic feet per minute for this one as well. As far as my personal impact tools go, this is my heavy hitter and again it only uses four cubic feet per minute. One inch impact gun, you need a really good air supply to drive something like that. OK so now just a couple of drops of motor oil in the end of your tools.

Might be ten w thirty or fifteen forty or five thirty. You know, whatever’s around – straight thirty weight oil. Now I picked this little beauty up for twenty bucks. One gallon tank with a little tiny compressor on the back. Perfect for – you know, inflating bicycle tires or doing cleaning around the shop, that kind of work. You can’t really power any tools with something like this but for the money I paid for it, I don’t expect very much out of it.

If you want to know more tips Air Compressors & Pneumatic Tools, you can watch the video below to reference:

You can see I put a quick connect fitting on the end. Quick connect like that so you connect it, there now it’s already part of the system. Just pull back like that, snap it on, pull back and it comes off. So here are examples of three different fitting ends. Anyway, there are all kinds of different fitting ends that you might pick to go with your quick connector and I would recommend that you just look at the place where you work or what fittings came with the equipment you bought and just go with that. So don’t forget to wear your safety glasses and please remember what I always say about power tools – which is “use both hands and both eyes”.

10 Tips For Caring For Your English Bulldog #2017

Hey everybody! Welcome back to my blog. Today I have a special post in a highly requested post to do a post about Walter – my English bulldog. Now he has been trying to escape. But he is obviously as you can see he’s kind of falling asleep so hopefully. I can get through this and he will be present to the whole times but he is totally trying to like leave my side.

So I’ve had a lot of requests and I thought I would do a post about how we take care of our English Bulldogge Walter and just a disclaimer. I am in no way an expert these tips are solely based on our experience with Walter. We’ve had no underdog. I broke with a German Shepherd never an English bulldog Walter was my personal my first dog. This is our experiences and these are the things that we do to maintain a happy and healthy dog.

Pet Insurance

So tip number one gets pet insurance. A lot of people think that this is a ridiculous expense listen not. If you have an English Bulldog our recommendation is to get pet insurance when you know that you are going to be getting especially a puppy. It’s not super expensive in the grand scheme of things. It will save you money, in the end, it did for us. Now we got pet insurance with the idea that after a year.

If we never use just that we would cancel it. In the first year, we used in all Walters has multiple stomach bacterial infection two cherry eye surgeries bronchitis luxating patella along with any other injuries and the insurance came through and they have covered 80% of anything.


Tip number two: If you’re going to get an English Bulldog. You have to be a cuddle. I mean look at this-this is a normal day. I mean he is so loving he has to be touching. You at all times. I’m pulling him onto me but most of the time he jumps up on the couch usually when I’m working my computer and lies across me on top of the computer everywhere.

He is such a cuddles and he is very affectionate especially with me we have a special bond. I pretty much raised him when we got him Andrew worked and I was at home and so we eyes are supers.

English bulldogs are not as lazy as you think

We don’t love each other so much number three. It’s totally true when you hear that English bulldogs are the laziest dogs super lazy. I mean look at this lazy and Walter about 20 hours of the day. Probably, he is sleeping and like you can tire him. If he’s fighting against you like to get off this couch.

He’ll eventually give up and just end up falling asleep. Because you know that’s what happened. But there are about four hours of the day that nobody really talks about when they or at least Walter are crazy Walter will get four hours of just spurts of energy. He’s running all over the backyards up and down the stairs all around the house chasing the other dog. It is crazy like he goes insane.

It’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen a dog do this especially for how tired and lazy. He is so energetic. It’s a little bit of a misconception.

Snoring and the Gas

They’re always lazy and sleepy mostly true but they have a lot of energy number four another truth about an English Bulldog that you need to get used to is the snoring and the amount of gas that they pass that sounds pretty raunchy.

But it is very true Walter yours so loud like right. Because of his the position that he’s not snoring. But he usually you can hear him from upstairs. If you’re downstairs like it is so loud especially. If he’s like completely on his back but they soar so loud. So if you’re thinking about having your dog sleep with you. It’s something that you need to get used to I got used to it right away and now it when we’re away and he’s not with it.

I have a really hard time going to sleep without hearing his snoring. Because it soothes me the passing the gas thing we actually kind of have figured out for us when he passes a lot of gas. It’s usually a sign that he’s been overfed and when he’s not overfed he actually doesn’t pass a lot of gas but when he does bad? It’s quite embarrassing this has happened multiple times having people over for dinner or to hang out and Walter walks past them and of course, kids are not silent.

They’re quite loud like he will wake himself up. Because they’re so loud. It is hilarious, but it just makes them all the more endearing and so it sounds so gross. But I’m so used to the smell.

Watch Their Weight

Tip number five is to watch their weight and their food Walter has lost 20 pounds. Since we moved to Canada so part of the issue that we noticed when we left Kansas City is? That he had what was called a luxating to tel,l which is very common in English Bulldogs and it’s where the part of their knee is not staying in place.

When we moved we brought him to the vet and he said that it was you know was cool. It was like level 5 or level 4 out of which meant you are highly recommended to get surgery. If you don’t get surgery there their lifespan could be determined or their knee could deteriorate at the end of their life and it just wouldn’t be good. I’m going to follow up the visit to the to our regular event after seeing this specialist about his surgery they just said well in preparation for the surgery.

He should lose some weight we really took that into consideration and we really restricted his food. He’s not underfed. He’s healthy and so he lost 20 pounds and actually the crazy thing is he doesn’t even have a luxating patella anymore. We’ve seen two vets and his kneecap is stained completely in place which means we saved $5,000, Walter. It’s healthier and better than ever when he first was weighed he was about 73 74 pounds and now he weighs 54 pounds and the favorite food of Walter is Taste of the Wild – this is the best dog food for English bulldogs and you can buy it at the website:

Cleaner Ears & Skin Fold Regularly

Tips number six clean their ears and wrinkles Walter has this flap. It’s kind of dirty right now under his nose right here that we have to clean out every day. Because it gets filled with dirt and bacteria can grow baking at a hot spot. He has never had one in there but we have to clean that every day and we clean his ears every other day he hates it. It’s horrible. I hate doing it. Because we have to chase him and we hold him down.

Keep Out of the Heat

Tips number seven keep out of heat now as much as well as your loves to play. It’s hard in the summer bulldogs to tend to have a really small sinus cavity Walter tends to actually have the larger one for being an English Bulldog. So lots of English Bulldogs have a hard time breathing and in the heat. Because they’re so heavy and dense they have a hard time cooling themselves off.

Because their nose is hard for them to breathe so in the summer. He doesn’t stay outside for very long most dogs don’t but even our Georgia proportion likes to fly out in the shade for Walter sometimes the heat and humidity. It’s just too much for him and so he has to come inside. So that’s something they have to be very mindful. English bulldogs can over very fast and so you have to keep them in a cool environment for most of the day.

Toys for English Bulldogs

Tips number eight is about toys there has not yet been a toy that Walter has not destroyed Walter literally bites through any toy within five minutes of getting it calms everything. We have looked on amp everywhere for like indestructible toys. They do not withstand Walters’ teeth and I think this is a common thing with the Bulldogs is they just lock their dog onto that toy and they have one mission.

It’s to destroy it and they do I can never get him them. Because I’m paying $20 for a little ball that he’s going to have for five minutes. It’s not worth it at all so anybody has any suggestions for Bulldog worthy toys. Please let us know toys are so important for an English bulldog they need that stimulation. But you need to find something that can withstand the job of these dogs.

Find A Good Training and Dog Boarding

Because they are one tough cookie nine find a good trainer and dog boarder. We have phenomenal trainers that also board and so we take when we go away. Actually, send our dog to them and they train him. While he’s a dog boarding. Because we did I do doggy daycare but one thing that we learned very fast is that it only takes one incident to create a habit in a dog.

Walter is a very obedient and very smart dog. He just picked up a few bad habits from doggy daycare so when we moved to Canada we wanted to get those in line right away. So you found amazing trainers getting a trainer is very important. It’s much better for you and for the dog. Because what they always said is dogs want to make the right choice. They just need to understand what the wrong choices and so with that Walter have been so amazing.

I mean he’s still a puppy he just turned to the training is more about you and how you interact with the dog a lot of issues that were having with Walter wasn’t even with Walter.

It was a way that we were reacting and we were responding to situations and so they were really able to walk alongside us and teach us you know how to work with them and with even more awesome.

They’re actually teaching Walter how to skateboard. So I’m really excited about that because I think that’ll be so much fun.

Keep Your English Bulldog Stimulated

The last tip that I have for you is these dogs they’re smarter than they look these dogs know how to play dumb Walter is the smartest dog. I have ever met but he needs stimulation sometimes. They’re written up is kind of dumb all they do is sleep and eat but note. They’re very smart highly intelligent very food motivated. But they just need stimulation and that’s why obedience is so important.

Because they want to do what’s good these jobs love and crave attention the worst thing and it’s also the best discipline is almost like ignoring him. When he does something wrong because he hates that and he’s very much so affectionate but there’s also when he doesn’t want to do what you’re saying he will not I mean he will but you can tell there’s a lot of willpower in this dog.

I love that these dogs are so cuddly and that they want to be with you. They’re such a great dog phenomenal with kids my parents are foster parents and these Walter loves kids and one day. I caught one of the costly pulling his tail and pulling his ears and jumping on him and just cuddling him and he just lies there which is so amazing. I love to see because I think of having kids in the future and what will Walter be like with them.

If you want to know more English Bulldog, you can watch the video below to reference:

I’ll obviously she’s my first baby but anyways those are my tips on how to care for an English bulldog again. It’s all very personalized to my experience with Walter but a lot of these tips. We’ve read and it helped us also we watched a lot of Cesar Millan hope that you liked this post. If you do give it a thumbs up and hit share button down below and I will see you again for another post. Goodbye.

Guide Buy: The Best 1911 Pistol For Concealed Carry

Hi, i’m Caleb getting some guidance media and today we’re talking about 1911’s  for concealed carry as you know on the blog. We’ve been doing nothing but testing 1911’s for the past almost a year. It’s produced some interesting results and a lot of insight into the best 1911 pistol as well as some other fun things as a part of the tests. I’ve been carrying nothing but 1911’s for a year. I get the question a lot Caleb what’s the best 1911 pistol for concealed carry? How should I pick in 1911 for concealed carry?

What is the best 1911 Pistol for Concealed Carry ?

I’ll start this post with a disclaimer. I don’t recommend 1911 for concealed carry for most users that would be in ninety probably 99% of firearms users people, who want a gun for concealed carry. You should buy a Glock 19 or an M&P. You should put good sights on it you should buy a thousand rounds of ammo and you should go take a class and the cost of all of that will be less than the cost of getting a good 1911.

You get a Glock for what four hundred bucks now get a case of ammo for two hundred years up to six hundred a really good training class maybe one hundred and fifty bucks. You’re still out less than the grand you’re going to sink into 1911. But that’s not the point let’s say you want to carry in 1911 alright for whatever reason and there are some good reasons to carry in 1911.

But let’s say you want to do that how do you pick the best one for concealed carry and what is the best 1911 for concealed carry? Today we’re going to try to answer that question to start off with we’re going to define what a carry gun needs to make it a good carry gun to me. There are three important factors that have to be considered when you’re evaluating a gun for concealed carry.

The first number one is reliability. The second is suitability and will explain what suitability is here in a minute and the third is concealed ability you would think that concealed ability would be higher up on the food chain. But honestly if your carry guns not reliable and your carry gun isn’t shootable. It doesn’t really matter if you can conceal it or not just it does it all right these are those first two factors are the most important so let’s discuss reliability.

Let’s start there what’s a good definition of a reliable well for me. Because I shoot a lot. I tend to define reliable as a gun that can go one malfunction and that’s any failure to complete the cycle of operation so failure to fire failure to feed for to eject one malfunction every two thousand rounds. That’s one in two thousand nine rounds between failure. That’s reliable to me not everyone has that kind of budget not everyone can go out and drop four hundred dollars on two cases of nine mils.

You know five hundred dollars on two cases of forty-five to establish that reliability so what’s a good baseline for someone. Who doesn’t get out and shoot a lot and I would say your gun has to be able to function reliably through a hundred to two hundred rounds of training ammo. So let’s call it two hundred rounds of practice ammo and a minimum of a full load out of carrying ammo.

So if you carry a fully loaded gun in a spare mag in forty-five. You’re looking at 17 rounds. I would go ahead and expand that to an entire box of carrying ammo and really I would say 50 rounds of carrying ammo. Let’s just go with that let’s make it even your gun must reliably function with 200 rounds of training ammo and 50 rounds of carrying ham. That’s the baseline before I would even consider putting it in my holster all right that’s our baseline for reliability.

If your gun can’t do that. It’s not reliable enough to carry next we want to talk about shoot ability. What is shoot ability shoot ability is a made-up word? I will confess that totally made-up word but it’s a handy made-up word. Because it means the intersection of the features of a gun and the ability of a shooter. How do they combine to be able to place around on target in an actual critical situation?  

Admittedly, the only way you can pressure test this is if you shoot your carry gun in competition, which you should do but if a gun isn’t shootable. It’s not really worth carrying example of guns that have really low shoot ability scores and thus require a higher level of skill to shoot would be J frames. So the lower gun scores and shoot ability and shoot ability is a combination of many factors like grip trigger pull sights and a whole bunch of other things.

The harder a gun is to shoot well the more skill. You must have as a shooter to actually get rounds on target when you need to so to backtrack to my previous example J frames JFrame score really low in shoot ability. Because they are small they have short sight radiuses. They tend to have significant recoil and heavy trigger pulls. It’s hard to shoot a J frame well if you can shoot AJ frame well.

You can probably shoot anything else on the planet well. Because those are pretty much the hardest guns to shoot 1911’s tend to score very high in shoot ability. They have light trigger polls they generally have decent sights from the factory. The grip angle is considered fairly pleasing by most people so 1911’s usually score pretty well in the shoot ability category and the last is concealed ability 1911’s tend to score pretty decently here.

Because they’re so skinny especially when compared to double stack service pistols like Glocks and M and peas it’s a little bit easier to conceal 1911 they score pretty well. There again though go back to that reliability. That’s number one 1911 do not score well there and the reason 1911’s don’t score well in reliability. Because 1911 can mean anything from a $300 Brazilian rattletrap piece of shit all the way up to a $5,000 high-end custom Wilson Combat 1911.

There’s a lot of variants in this category that we refer to as 1911. You can say my 1911 is reliable and that could be because it’s a $2,000 gun from Dan Wesson that was built with care and precision or you could say my 1911 isn’t reliable. Because it’s a $300 gun made from slag metal in Turkey these are all but they’re all still technically 19 and that’s why we have all of this discussion around whether or not 1911’s are reliable and that sort of thing.

So now that we’ve established our criteria for choosing a carry gun reliability suitability concealability. We want to get into 1911 specifics so the first thing that I recommend when picking 1911 for concealed carry is to go with a reputable brand, for example, I have two 1911’s here right now. I have one that I am carrying which is a Dan Wesson lightweight commander.

This is a reputable brand. It’s a CZ actually CZ bought Dan Wesson they make all the guns now and this gun has been phenomenal the general reports on the Dan Wesson’s that have been coming in from serious shooters and trainers. They’re great guns this one so far has a thousand rounds on it with zero issues of any type perfectly comfortable carrying. It here is another 1911 this is a Sig Sauer nightmare fastback.

We just did a review of this the other day this gun has had some reliability issues specifically with Winchester white box so don’t use Winchester white box in this gun. But it is from a reputable manufacturer with a good reputation. I hate to say reputable and reputation with a good reputation for making quality guns other brands that I would generally recommend without a lot of concern would be Colt Springfield Smith & Wesson.

I have experience with all of those so actually Colt Springfield Smith & Wesson Sig Sauer and now dan Wesson would probably be the five off the shelf 1911 brands that I would recommend. There’s probably a couple more out there that I’m not thinking of but all of those. I’ve had personal trigger time with that ran well guns were good and I don’t really have any complaints about the end product.

How should you pick in 1911 for concealed carry?

So step one buy a gun from a reputable manufacturer if you’re going off the shelf. If you’re going custom then you know Nighthawk Wilson combat. There are a jillion really good custom 1911 makers out there you can always get one from one of them if you have money like you stole it and if you want to drop good used car prices on 1911. So reputable manufacturer number one, number two don’t stray away from the original design intent.

What’s the original design intent of 1911? That would be a five-inch all steel gun chambered in 45 ACP without silly things like full-length guide rods. So this 5 inch of 1911 that we have here is not exactly the original design intent. It’s a 357 sig and it’s got an external extractor it works, but I wouldn’t recommend this as a first 1911 for concealed carry. I would say get a government sized gun in 45 ACP from Colt or Springfield.

That’s probably your best bet the second best bet would be to go with something like this lightweight commander a lot of people don’t know that the lightweight commander was originally chambered in 9 millimeters by colt. It’s four and a quarter inches long in terms of barrel length aluminum frame and everything else is 1911 features. But the original chamber for the commander was nine-millimeter it works well in nine-millimeter lightweight commanders in 9mm tend to work pretty good.

So that’s kind of that reputable manufacturer don’t start from the original design intent. We’ve got that out of the way let’s talk about what I believe is the best 1911 for concealed carry and this may come as something of a surprise. Because I don’t believe that it’s a 5 inch all steel 45 ACP. I believe that the best 1911 that you can possibly carry is a lightweight commander in nine-millimeter and let’s explain why reliability this particular model one hundred percent reliable thousand rounds zero issues the lightweight commander as mentioned was originally chambered in 9 millimeters it works they tend to work pretty well for 1911’s and odd calibers.  

If you have one that is reliable that’s from a reputable manufacturer. You’re probably not going to have a lot of problems with it the key to reliability with your 9 mils 1911 is getting good magazines as well so these are the Wilson Combat e ™, which stands for extreme or elite. I think it’s elite tactical magazine. They’re great. This is all I use for carrying. In my 1911’s are the Wilson e TM s.

I use some different mags for competition but that’s competition so reliability covered. We have a reliable handgun good to go next shoot ability. This gun is easy to shoot freaking easy mode for shooting. Because it’s a 9-millimeter the aluminum frame doesn’t matter. There’s very little felt recoil, are you? There’s a post of me popping a steel plate at 35 yards strong hand only with this gun easy mode for shooting.

It has good sights and it’s got a good trigger pull. It has a full sized grip which I don’t like the reduced size 1911 grips. Because I like to be able to get both my hands all up on this gun and the full-size grip allows me to do that shooting ability. This gun scores extremely high good sights good trigger pull. There’s enough sight radius to actually get work done. If you compare the two side-by-side you see that the government size gun only has maybe a half-inch more sight radius then the commander sized gun so commander guns awesome lastly concealability very easy to conceal they make a bobtail version.

You can get commanders with a bobtail which kind of cuts this profile down a little bit. Because this is the hardest part of the gun to conceal but when you’re talking about an aluminum framed gun with a four and a quarter inch barrel. That’s SuperDuper skinny concealing this is not a problem as I can demonstrate now as I stand to upholster my gun put my shirt out and my guns gone just like that so concealing this gun super not an issue love everything about it.

So it has reliability shoot ability and concealed ability and that’s why generally speaking. I believe that the lightweight commander in nine-millimeter is the best possible choice for 1911 for concealed carry and one last thing I want to talk about is that chambering Caleb why 9-millimeter why not 45 well first off the lightweight commander was originally designed in 9mm.

But secondly, there’s no such thing as stopping power well in handgun cartridges. Anyways there’s no difference in terminal ballistics between a 45 cap and nine-millimeter jacketed hollow-point when you shoot somebody with them and the lightweight commander gives you two extra rounds of ammunition over an eight round mag in a 45. I get ten plus one and a reload of another ten rounds which mean I’m carrying 21 rounds on my person which yes is less than somebody.

If you want to know more  1911 Pistol For Concealed Carry, you can watch the video below to reference:

Who’s carrying a Glock 19 in a reload but is also more than someone who’s carrying in 45 ACP in a reload do you have any questions about this post do you think that I’m crazy to do you think that the nine-millimeter lightweight commander is not the best 1911 for concealed carry? If you do you’re wrong, but if you’d like to let me know why you think? I wrong feel free to leave me a comment down below and I may actually answer it in the meantime. I’m Caleb Giddings thanks for reading.

Guide Buy: Best Vacuum For Car Detailing

Hello everybody, and this post I’m going to share with you all what has been the best car vacuum for car detailing. In my professional auto detailing world. Now let’s get straight into it lots of Detailers and welcome back to the Wilson telling blog. My name is Luke Wilson and a cure a professional auto detailer, who wants to become more successful in your business or just car enthusiasts wants to improve your detailing ability then definitely consider hitting that big red share button right below this post.

Best Car Vacuum For Your Car

So here it is everybody, the car is out of the bag the four-gallon rigid vacuum cleaner. I’m going to dive into this puppy and tell you exactly why I love it point by point and why I think? That it is the number one best vacuum for car detailers point. Number one look at how small this thing is? It is tiny not to mention. It has so much suction power, so powerful for such a small machine.

I mean it is literally so small and guesses what it can literally fit in my car come on as a mobile auto detailer check that out. If it fits in your car and not just in your car, but in the back seat and takes up less than even one seat full of room. So not only does the fact that it can sit in my car makes it extremely portable and easy to tote around. But check this out if I’m going to be a mobile detailer working out of my car then something this size allows me to expand my business even further.

Because it allows me to get more tools more products. Because I have more space to fit those things in, so in addition to it being extremely easy to transport extremely small. But also extremely powerful. It has this awesome convenient hole right here in the top right next to the carry handle and this allows me when I’m working and I’m vacuuming and using this and kind of inaction.

I can just throw it right in here into this hole in the top pick up anything else. I need to keep going since I’m shampooing carpets. I can vacuum out beforehand and throw it in the hole start scrubbing start spraying stuff like that I don’t actually have to like worry about specifically setting this in the right place. I can just throw it in and move on now this vacuum is also extremely easy to clean and maintain all you got to do is unclip.

These two clips right here lift this thing off the filters right here everything else goes into the gallons of the four-gallon size bucket right here literally turn. It upside down empty and out pull off the filter blow it out a stick. It right back on and flips these two things back and just like that and you’re good to go the vacuum, also comes with some really great attachments. So the number one that I use is probably this crevice tool.

So the reason I like this crevice tool is? Because it’s so long and so I can get really deep inside those cracks and crevices. But it’s also really skinny and thin and kind of it’s not that wide and so the power of this tool it kind of makes. This such a power even more powerful than what this machine is? Already producing right, because it’s so small the thinner the gap that the air has to come through the more powerful.

Pros of This Car Vacuum?

The suction is going to be so a really huge fan of this crevice tool that it comes with now next it comes with this kind of wide mouth tool and it comes with this kind of bent kind of like this arm reaching tool. This tool is great for pet hair. I don’t know why? I don’t have a good explanation but it really works great with pet hair this one. I don’t use so much but when you’re vacuum out trunks things like that.

It’s definitely a great tool and these are just a couple things that really add some bonuses to this vacuum now as a professional detailer. I tend to be kind of hard on my tools. I tend to kind of when I’m working. I don’t want to spend a bunch of time to have to kind of dilly-dally around. I’m just going fast. I’m moving fast and so this thing has wheels. So it’s got two big wheels in the back and it’s got two wheels.

That will spin kind of 360 degrees in the front so as I’m working and as I’m vacuuming. I don’t have to come up here to the vacuum and pull it to where I am as I’m working with the hose. I can actually just use the hose kind of yank it wherever I need to go. Because of this hose attachment. Number one is extremely durable. Because I actually bought this separate to put onto the vacuum.

So that’s another note if you’re going to buy this vacuum out definitely suggest getting. This really hard plastic hose. Because the soft plastic hose that it comes with tends to get really concave here at the beginning right here at the mouth of the vacuum. Because the suction power is so powerful that actually pulls that plastic in whereas. This is very hard and will hold its shape but more than anything as I’m working.

Because of the wheels on the bottom. It’s very easy for me to actually just drag it wherever I need to go from the tip of the hose right here another great convenience aspect to this is that. This stowaway cord is really easy to wrap up really easy to take off and it’s just in a great place to where. It’s very easy to work with I can unravel some of it. If I want to unravel the whole thing and when I’m done.

I don’t have any of those little knobs and I have to flip up or flip down. I can just literally wrap it around the carry handle just like this pinch the cord at the end and I know that. This is not going anywhere it’s not going to come unraveled. It’s going to stay there until the next time I’m ready to use it and everyone. I can actually speak from experience. Because before I went to the rigid vacuum.

I actually used the shop vac for years and years and years for the majority of my professional auto detailing career. I use shop back and let me tell you something rigid beats shop back on every level the size, the power, the portability, the ease of use the convenience. Not only is this vacuum amazing for beginner Detailers. It’s amazing for expert Detailers it provides all the powerful suction that you’re going to need it done even more than what you’re going to need?

It’s built incredibly durable so this plastic is not just cheaply made. I can drop this thing it’s not going to break. I can have a turn on its side it’s not going to break. I can yank it around from the hose and I know it’s going to stay intact. It’s not going to fall apart on me very well-built machine. Alright everyone so that is the extent of this for the best car detailing vacuum the four-gallon rigid vacuum cleaner.

If you’d like to buy this product definitely just check out the description paragraph and there’s going to be linked in there if you use my links it will take you straight to this product on Amazon and it gives this blog a very small Commission. But it allows this blog to continue to give out valuable content and information for you guys who are beginning in the business or for your car enthusiasts.

You want to improve your detailing ability so definitely if you want to buy this just use the links in the description paragraph. Thank you so much for reading and being involved in the Wilson of a detailing community. If you liked these articles make sure to give it a thumbs up if you have any questions comments post ideas advice and some of the best advice comes from you the Wilson auto detailing community and I would love to know what vacuum you use in your professional auto detailing world and what vacuums?

You’ve used that have not worked and that have worked. I’d love to get some insight on that from you all and of course. If you are new to the Wilson auto detailing community then definitely consider following. Because I come out with the daily post just like these on products tools strategies communication skills business skills and so much more all to help the professional details become more successful and profitable in your business and on this blog.

If you want to learn more about Rigid Shop Vac 4 Gallon Vacuum, you can watch the video below to reference:

I share the exact strategies and tips that have allowed me to turn my auto detailing business into a full-time income with only part-time hours. So if you’re interested in that and definitely consider hitting that follows button right below this articles. Thank you guys so much for watching and as always from Luke here at Wilson auto detailing keep working hard and I’ll see you guys in the next articles.

Oven Review: Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven TOB-260

Hello, Everybody! I’m Mary Rogers and I get a lot of questions about how to choose the best oven? And today, I will practice the best countertop convection oven review for everybody.

Overview about Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven

This is Cuisinart’s new chef’s convection oven. It’s beautifully designed. You’ll notice that exterior is brushed stainless steel has a nice large grip handle to open the oven. So that you can see inside and you’ll notice inside there’s a pizza stone. Which I’m going to show you how to use them a little bit? It’s 13 inches so you can put up to a 13-inch pie in there and you can also use pizza stones for other things, not just pizza.

You can use it to do like rolls and bread. It’s really efficient and great to get a really great crust on any type of bread. Are you going to bake the other thing? You’ll notice there are multiple slots and multiple positions for your baking rack and with this oven. We give you multiple baking racks. I just want to show you something the musician in the middle here when you close the oven and open it.

It automatically ejects the rack for you when you’re using it. So that’s really nice another thing it comes with a 9 by 13-inch baking and broiling pan. It’s two pieces as you can see very generous and a nine by 13 is a really common large size for any type of baking pan. So that’s a really generous size. If you’re going to do a panel lasagna or a large batch of chicken. It’s terrific has a really nice easy clean interior has an interior light, which you can on which automatically goes on?

When you open it up, but you can also turn it on and off yourself just by pressing this button you also notice there’s a very large display. The unit has eighteen hundred and seventy-five watts of power it also is 0.95 cubic feet it also has 15 cooking functions. Which is terrific plus it has something called a really innovative feature called dual cook and speed convection. Let’s look at the panel here very nice and large clock display here.

This is your selector dial which is going to do all of your functions for you. I’m going to show you how to use that in a minute then you also have your start and stop button here your thirty Seconds button. We’re you can add 30 seconds to a cooking time your convection feature your light like. I mentioned speed convection, which is great because you don’t have to use do any preheating.

When you use that and then dual cook dual click is a great function. Because it allows you to combine two different cooking functions. So, for instance, you wanted to bake something and then broil it. You can actually set the oven so it does both functions and you don’t have to come back and stop and start the oven again yourself. So let’s look at some of the functions on the major panel first you have toast bagel waffle, which is great. If you do frozen waffles?

The next one is traditional to bake royal roast pizza and the pizza function. I’m going to actually use today to make a pizza sandwich. If you’re going to do any kind of heated sandwiches keep warm and also leftovers. I love the leftover function. Because I don’t like to reheat my leftovers in the microwave. So that’s a great function if you don’t want to use a microwave to reheat food. I’m just going to press the start/stop button.

So we get back to a clear panel and I’m going to show you how some of these function works? First, you have toasts so when you turn the dial to toast you press the middle of the dial. Which going to engage your function then it goes to automatically to the number four shade control and you can just step between one and seven and the dial goes both ways. So you can go up or down so to show you pick number four then once again.

It’s going to show you how many slices you’re going to do one two four one two – three – four five – six seven – nine slices and then you can just press and then it’s going to ask you. If it’s frozen when you see that snowflake. If you pick that it’s going to think that you’re doing something. That’s frozen and then you’re going to hit start. It’s going to countdown for you to our next function after a toast.

Let’s just pick one so that you can see let’s do bake and dual cook. The first one you’re going to Jews is baked. I’m going to bake it for 350 let’s say for 45 minutes and you engage it and now I’m going to pick my next functional. It’s going to be broiled at 500 for ten minutes and then you’re going to hit start and that’s really great. Because you pre-programmed everything you picked all your times in your temperature.

You put your food in it’s going to go through the preheating function and then it’s going to start cooking and it’s really great. When you want to do two-step operations and speed convection is basically. You don’t have to like I mentioned earlier. You don’t have to go through the preheat function.  What we’re going to do now is? I’m going to actually show you going to set the pizza function up.

Baking pizza with Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven

I’m going to show you how we’re going to make a pizza? So once again press Pizza. I’m going to go on 450. I’m going to do 12 inches and I’m going to do a fresh pizza and have seen how I turn the dial and the snowflake went away. I’m doing fresh and I cook it for 15 minutes and I’m going to get it started. Because it’s going to go through a preheat phase and then while that’s preheating I’m actually going to prepare the pizza.

Now, remember the important thing about using a pizza stone is it needs to be preheated before you actually use it? Because what’s going to happen is when you put the pizza on the stone. The pizza is actually going to absorb the heat from the stone. That’s what’s going to make for a beautifully finished crust for you. So I already prepared this pizza dough so we just have to shape it.

I’m going to move this tray. So that you can see better and one of the things. I want to mention is if you don’t own a pizza peel. There’s a couple of different ways to transfer your pizza to the actual pizza oven after you’ve shaped it. You can use the back of a baking pan put some cornmeal on it this happens to be heat proof. So what I’m going to do is? I already it’s hard to tell, but I already put the cornmeal on top and what you do is just put the cornmeal on and just?

I always like to rub it around to make sure it’s like evenly dispersed and the importance of this is the cornmeal. Because pizza dough is moist the cornmeal is actually like little ball bearings. So what happens is once you get that pizza dough there? It’s not going to stick and it also because it’s like little ball bearings going to allow you to slide it right off that into the oven for when you want to bake your pizza. So here’s our pizza dough. I’m just going to share this.

I’m just going to use my hands today because I don’t have a bowling pin so don’t be afraid to make pizza. It’s such a fun thing to do I’d love to do it at home and it tastes so much better than frozen pizza and doesn’t be afraid some people think that pizza is intimidating. But you know what it’s just flour and water. It’s nothing bad that you can do to it so just you know practice your skills a little bit shape it by pulling on it sometimes.

I find that what really really helps is if you let the pizza rest a little bit it’ll relax and you notice it’s really stretchy. When it’s relaxed it’s a lot easier to stretch so just keep working with this until it’s the shape you want and don’t worry it does not have to be perfect. That’s the one thing I think people get so overly concerned about is perfection it does not have to be perfect and I make pizza all the time.

I love to make it with my nephews. I was going through some old pictures recently and I saw pictures of my nephews who are now 19 and 20 and they were like four and six and we were making pizza. In my first little house that I had so that looks pretty good so what we’re going to do is put it on this stretched out like. I said it does not have to be perfect what we’re going to do is and be creative with the stuff.

If you don’t like tomato sauce don’t use tomato sauce. If you don’t like tomatoes don’t use Tomatoes you can do? There are so many great pizzas. I’ve seen recently like my husband and I had one the other day and it was like lemon and thyme and onions it was really tasty. So just you know get creative with it don’t worry about it. The next thing I want to do is put on? I like to use fresh tomatoes we’re going to put on just some slices of fresh tomatoes like.

I said don’t be worried about being a perfectionist with this still going to taste the same when you’re done put one more spread it out. What I’m going to do is top it with the cheese? Sometimes, what I like to do is bake my pizza? I’m not going to do this today, but just a little tip for yourselves. I like to bake the pizza like halfway and then add the cheese to the top. Because sometimes if the cheese is in there the entire time will get a little brown and depending on how you like it?

You know I just don’t like my cheese on top brownish. So I like to put it in halfway when it’s done. What I’m going to do? I’m going to show you how easily this slides around and if it doesn’t just give it some assistance. What I’m going to do is the ovens not quite preheated? We’re going to wait till. It’s preheated but when it is I’m going to show you how to slide it right into the oven? We’re going to bake that pizza off so our ovens up to temperature and now what we’re going to do is put on our pizza?

I’m just going to pull this out because of the angle. I’m at and get the pizza and really quick and remember what I told you little cornmeal always helps and there we go? We’re just going to push the rack back in getting a little cornmeal in the front, but that’s close it. Let it cook. We’re going to come back and see what a beautiful pie. We made so our pizzas all done the oven turned off.

If you want to know information about Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven TOB-260, you can wacth the video below to reference:

We’re just going to open it. I’m going to use a potholder to pull out this rack. So you can see the beautiful pizza. Now for today, I’m just going to use the tongs and show you what a gorgeous pizza? We made with our chef’s convection oven. I love making pizza and add a little extra flavor. My husband loves basil and I like to put this on it in on the end so it doesn’t turn brown just put a little bit of fragrant basil on the top and there you have it a beautiful homemade pizza.


Choosing The Best Pull On Work Boots Of 2017

Hello, Everybody! Today on UnderBoot, we’re looking at the Rambler by errant with this beautiful gum rubber sole and a square steel toe, which was considered the best pull on work boots of 2017.

Something about Ariat Rambler Pull-on Steel Toe

So the first thing you’re going to notice is the gum sole. Is this clear translucent soul and a soul like? This is excellent when it comes to slip-resistant see when it comes to oil resistance fats and acids ideally. Anybody who works in a farm environment or around machinery? Where there’s lots of mechanical stuff going on? When you’re taking apart engines where you’re putting in rods and you’re doing things like that.

This is an excellent soul for you to adds all that they also included, this beautiful square steel toe. Now, air it has pretty much perfected the square oblique steel toe. It’s a lot of room left to right. It’s a lot of room top to bottom and when you slide the boot on. You don’t realize that you have a steel toe on your foot in the shank section. They use that ats fork shank, now these shanks have been proven to be extremely comfortable extremely responsive and they just work out.

When it comes to pulling on boots, now the heel cup nice and tight and like most pull on boots the more time. You spend wearing this boot the tighter and more comfortable this whole section is going to become to your foot now the shaft is a surface sewn shaft all the stitches on the outside. So there’s nothing inside when you slide your foot in and out. There’s no pesky stitch there to get in the way to cause a little discomfort or anything like that.

Pros of Ariat Rambler

Since it’s a single piece leather boot ideally hot weather ideally dry warm-hot weather. It’s not a waterproof boot. There’s nothing in here to stop water from getting through unless you take care of it and you treat it and you put oils into it just to keep water from penetrating. It untoward term exposures, but if you choose not to do anything like that this boot in extremely warm weather.

Because of the single piece leather up top in the shaft section. Because of the lighter weight vamping that they use through the bottom of the boot. It’s going to be excellent in really hot weather, now these PVC soles just by nature are after boulders lots of response. There’s lots of bounce but Eric just didn’t stop with the soul they sent along this 80s insole that has three different types of surfaces to it.

The green section is a gel type material that offers a lot of impact upon the ball your foot and the heel as you’re walking the maroon section. There is a little bit stiffer and a little bit harder adding support and just shape to the inside of the boot. Where your foot sits and the gray section here which runs from the tip of the toe. All the way that heel underneath all of this is the real cushion.

That’s the soft spot, that’s the stuff that does not break down that holds up to long-term use of course. The boot is fully welded so if you needed to have it resold once. You were done with it completely possible, but the other thing. That’s nice about a fully welded boot and I’ve talked about that before is that. You sit on top of the sole. You don’t sit at the edges of the sole so you get more of a comfortable stance.

If you got to stand in one place for a really long time. So you’re working on a piece of equipment. You’re standing over the sole and you got a really nice platform that offers support. Not only to your foot but also to your knees and your lower back size and fit and comfort well armed with that soul armed with this insole. The fact that it’s single piece leather.

It’s going to be comfortable just by design sizes they run from a 7 to a 14 they only make it in a D width. So if you’re an EE it kind of cancels you out, but Eric has a bunch of other boots that they make it extra wide width with square steel toes. So that’s the Eric Rambo Steel Toe in this beautiful brown leather with that beautiful oblique steel toe with tons of space inside there.

If you want to learn more information about Ariat Rambler, you can watch the video below to reference:

If you’re born any to pull on work boots by Eric before please comment below. If you’ve worn the Rambler with this type of sole please comment oil. Let guys know these situations you’re in what type of work? What type of chemicals? What you’ve exposes thing to and how it performed on the other?  If you want to know some more specifics about this boot or if you want to see some detailed photos swing by to Thomas. If you’re looking for the most comfortable work boots, you should visit Thomas Harmon’s blog.

Hey please don’t forget to hit my share button below. It really helps out and also don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram on both of those services. I post photos and comments about boots outdoor boots work boots every single day. Alright until the next time I’m UnderBoots thanks a lot for reading.


Hey, what’s going on out there? This is Jayne with tri-county locksmith and today we’re checking out the Ariat h2o slip-on boot basically the boot. That we had before this was the dinner and the dinner rampant. Wellington did pretty good had about 18 solid months of the boot on my foot and did really well the leather didn’t blow out the only thing that started to happen was the sole of the boot cracked here and on the inside, the gore-tex lining failed back.

You see that once the gore-tex lining fails. They’re no longer waterproof so that means that your feet are didn’t get wet. That’s pretty much the whole point of me having them and paying for the extra the extra money for the waterproof lining. Because the leather itself isn’t exactly a waterproof first thing that we do is? We go ahead and oil the bootup. If you’re not oiling your boots.

You’re just missing them they need to be oiled and this is the best stuff that. I’ve found it’s going to make the leather outlast the boot that’s exactly what happened with the Danner’s is that the soles bear. It’s broke and cracked all that stuff the leather is fine on it. So you know the leather actually outlasted the boot whereas usually. It’s the other way around, more than it also helps with the stitching and all that fun stuff open offs heavy duty LP leather preservative makes the great product for leather so we’ve hit that up with these.

I hit them on they’re brand new and then I hit them once every year. Before the-the winter season, when it gets really wet. So let’s go over some of the things that this has I never thought I would be buying a pair of Ariat zip heads and friends have them. I’ve seen some reviews. They’re just not a dedicated work boot. But they’re trying to move in that direction. So I figured this is a review on my blog.


It will be boring for me to do the same review on this boot over again. Even though I would definitely buy it again. It’s just boring nobody cares. We already did that? So let’s try something different at the local store. They did have a sale these were on sale. They were about a hundred eighty bucks. So you’re writing them at two hundred dollar price mark. That’s right about where these were and I gotta admit so far.

I’m pretty happy with them I’m really not a fan all the free. You know cowboy looking stuff on here frankly, they do have a model of the h2o boot. That is a darker model that does not have all this on here they did not have it in the store. But you can find that online that would have been my first preference but that’s a style preference. It’s up to you if you like the frilly stuff good find.

Whatever I kind of not that big of a fan of it. But, it’s going to be under a pant leg. Nobody’s going to see it only thing people are going to see is from here down. So that’s where we’re at the leather did darken up quite a bit after? We use the oil but some of the features of this after doing some research Ariat is actually really trying to not be a dress boot so much as for as they are actually trying. I mean there’s still a dress boot and western wear boot. But they actually are trying to get into the work field and work boot field.

They’re actually trying to make some effort to it one of the things that we notice is this right here. This has a three-stage sole has three different compounds of rubber. This is a nice squishy foam. You can see it’s nice and squishy this is nice and hard so it can take the abrasion and the impact of it on the ground and then this provides some cushion for your foot in between that is another different little cushion layer right there and so you’ve got three different.

You know densities of rubber and it actually goes all the way up to here. It’s not only in the heel it actually goes all the way up to here these did not have? So they use all three of these different kinds of rubbers to you know make your foot have a little bit less impact while still trying to provide a durable grippy bottom. You know we’ll see how that plays out. I can say they’re comfortable. I mean I put them right on at the store and I wouldn’t buy them.

If they weren’t any break-in time at all. They’re just they dig fit and just stick to feet like glue and they feel good. I wouldn’t bottom otherwise like I said: I was already hesitant to buy them in the first place just. Because of some of the other reviews that we’ve gotten. But we’ll see how long it how long they last like I said I wear boots. You know except for the two hottest months out of the year, when it’s just too hot and you wear tennis shoes every other day.

I’m wearing these even on the weekends and stuff. So we’ll see how they will see how they fare? You know is going to be in the snow the mud the ice. You know it’s a wet environment and you know in the worst conditions. More than, you know it’s not exactly oil filled work. But you know it’s just I’m fairly hard on boots and if they can last with me for a year or two then they’ve done pretty well.


If I can get over a year out of a hundred and eighty dollar pair of boots.  I’m pretty happy because of this boot most comfortable for me and if you want to learn more information about it, you will find some of the most comfortable work boots at Shoes Cast. That’s just kind of the way that it’s worked for me some of the other things. That they’re incorporating with this too that it really proves.

They’re actually really trying to get into that work boot market is this orange insert. Right here now this orange insert is actually a hard poly or plastic or something like that and it stretches from here all the way up to the tip here and basically what that does is that provides support in this area.  

If you’re using these boots to you know dig holes kick a shovel use tools things like that this is going to be your friend it. I’ve already tried it actually works really well. It provides a lot of support and it’s actually started to change the way that. I walk a little bit for the better in all reality. It actually has more of an even-even footprint for me now and that’s kind of strange.

That’s never really happened to me before but it has with these standing on a ladder if your painter carpenter contractor. You know, you’re on a ladder or climbing up and down the telephone pole. Whatever it is that you do that? You’re going to be having something. But the huge difference between these no support right here other than just the river lots of support right here and that was something that really impressed me.

That is kind of turning my opinion around that they’re actually taking this seriously. You know other than that we’ve got a lot of stitching. We’ll see how the weather holds up? You know we know that Danner uses thick premium leather and that’s why their boots last so long will see weather area does that or not? And you know this is where it takes all the brunt of it the abrasions and dirt and cracking and stuff is going to be right around in here on the toe and you know right back here. But there’s no seam on the back one more thing is that where these boots did blow out right in the back right here.

Where your heel sits or your heel slides up and down and they have added some kind of they call it some kind of patented technology. But you can see down in there that there’s a piece of leather right here see if we can see it. There’s a piece of leather on the inside of the boot. So it’s going to take that shocker not too much shock but that’s going to take that rubbing and that abrasion and-and put it on that piece of leather instead of putting it on the gore-tex fabric or the waterproof liner.

If you want to learn more information about Ariat Workhog, you can watch the video below to reference:

This isn’t exactly gore-tex. It’s Arizona Brown but we’ll see how it fares and how it works out throughout the season and you know the laser blaster. They won’t and we’ll do a review in a year or so and we’ll either say that they’re good or they’re garbage. We don’t know yet but this is their waterproof model. They’re h2o  and they do have a darker one. I wish it would have got it.

But it is what it is the toes a little pointed on these? You know at least, it’s not the flat. So I really don’t like that? So they’re a little bit different style than what I would normally go after but once again. We’re giving them a shot and we’ll see how they do and we’ll talk to you in about a year or so thanks for reading. Please share this post for me. See you again in the next post reviews.