Guide Buy: Best Vacuum For Car Detailing

Guide Buy: Best Vacuum For Car Detailing

Hello everybody, and this post I’m going to share with you all what has been the best car vacuum for car detailing. In my professional auto detailing world. Now let’s get straight into it lots of Detailers and welcome back to the Wilson telling blog. My name is Luke Wilson and a cure a professional auto detailer, who wants to become more successful in your business or just car enthusiasts wants to improve your detailing ability then definitely consider hitting that big red share button right below this post.

Best Car Vacuum For Your Car

So here it is everybody, the car is out of the bag the four-gallon rigid vacuum cleaner. I’m going to dive into this puppy and tell you exactly why I love it point by point and why I think? That it is the number one best vacuum for car detailers point. Number one look at how small this thing is? It is tiny not to mention. It has so much suction power, so powerful for such a small machine.

I mean it is literally so small and guesses what it can literally fit in my car come on as a mobile auto detailer check that out. If it fits in your car and not just in your car, but in the back seat and takes up less than even one seat full of room. So not only does the fact that it can sit in my car makes it extremely portable and easy to tote around. But check this out if I’m going to be a mobile detailer working out of my car then something this size allows me to expand my business even further.

Because it allows me to get more tools more products. Because I have more space to fit those things in, so in addition to it being extremely easy to transport extremely small. But also extremely powerful. It has this awesome convenient hole right here in the top right next to the carry handle and this allows me when I’m working and I’m vacuuming and using this and kind of inaction.

I can just throw it right in here into this hole in the top pick up anything else. I need to keep going since I’m shampooing carpets. I can vacuum out beforehand and throw it in the hole start scrubbing start spraying stuff like that I don’t actually have to like worry about specifically setting this in the right place. I can just throw it in and move on now this vacuum is also extremely easy to clean and maintain all you got to do is unclip.

These two clips right here lift this thing off the filters right here everything else goes into the gallons of the four-gallon size bucket right here literally turn. It upside down empty and out pull off the filter blow it out a stick. It right back on and flips these two things back and just like that and you’re good to go the vacuum, also comes with some really great attachments. So the number one that I use is probably this crevice tool.

So the reason I like this crevice tool is? Because it’s so long and so I can get really deep inside those cracks and crevices. But it’s also really skinny and thin and kind of it’s not that wide and so the power of this tool it kind of makes. This such a power even more powerful than what this machine is? Already producing right, because it’s so small the thinner the gap that the air has to come through the more powerful.

Pros of This Car Vacuum?

The suction is going to be so a really huge fan of this crevice tool that it comes with now next it comes with this kind of wide mouth tool and it comes with this kind of bent kind of like this arm reaching tool. This tool is great for pet hair. I don’t know why? I don’t have a good explanation but it really works great with pet hair this one. I don’t use so much but when you’re vacuum out trunks things like that.

It’s definitely a great tool and these are just a couple things that really add some bonuses to this vacuum now as a professional detailer. I tend to be kind of hard on my tools. I tend to kind of when I’m working. I don’t want to spend a bunch of time to have to kind of dilly-dally around. I’m just going fast. I’m moving fast and so this thing has wheels. So it’s got two big wheels in the back and it’s got two wheels.

That will spin kind of 360 degrees in the front so as I’m working and as I’m vacuuming. I don’t have to come up here to the vacuum and pull it to where I am as I’m working with the hose. I can actually just use the hose kind of yank it wherever I need to go. Because of this hose attachment. Number one is extremely durable. Because I actually bought this separate to put onto the vacuum.

So that’s another note if you’re going to buy this vacuum out definitely suggest getting. This really hard plastic hose. Because the soft plastic hose that it comes with tends to get really concave here at the beginning right here at the mouth of the vacuum. Because the suction power is so powerful that actually pulls that plastic in whereas. This is very hard and will hold its shape but more than anything as I’m working.

Because of the wheels on the bottom. It’s very easy for me to actually just drag it wherever I need to go from the tip of the hose right here another great convenience aspect to this is that. This stowaway cord is really easy to wrap up really easy to take off and it’s just in a great place to where. It’s very easy to work with I can unravel some of it. If I want to unravel the whole thing and when I’m done.

I don’t have any of those little knobs and I have to flip up or flip down. I can just literally wrap it around the carry handle just like this pinch the cord at the end and I know that. This is not going anywhere it’s not going to come unraveled. It’s going to stay there until the next time I’m ready to use it and everyone. I can actually speak from experience. Because before I went to the rigid vacuum.

I actually used the shop vac for years and years and years for the majority of my professional auto detailing career. I use shop back and let me tell you something rigid beats shop back on every level the size, the power, the portability, the ease of use the convenience. Not only is this vacuum amazing for beginner Detailers. It’s amazing for expert Detailers it provides all the powerful suction that you’re going to need it done even more than what you’re going to need?

It’s built incredibly durable so this plastic is not just cheaply made. I can drop this thing it’s not going to break. I can have a turn on its side it’s not going to break. I can yank it around from the hose and I know it’s going to stay intact. It’s not going to fall apart on me very well-built machine. Alright everyone so that is the extent of this for the best car detailing vacuum the four-gallon rigid vacuum cleaner.

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