10 Tips For Caring For Your English Bulldog #2017

10 Tips For Caring For Your English Bulldog #2017

Hey everybody! Welcome back to my blog. Today I have a special post in a highly requested post to do a post about Walter – my English bulldog. Now he has been trying to escape. But he is obviously as you can see he’s kind of falling asleep so hopefully. I can get through this and he will be present to the whole times but he is totally trying to like leave my side.

So I’ve had a lot of requests and I thought I would do a post about how we take care of our English Bulldogge Walter and just a disclaimer. I am in no way an expert these tips are solely based on our experience with Walter. We’ve had no underdog. I broke with a German Shepherd never an English bulldog Walter was my personal my first dog. This is our experiences and these are the things that we do to maintain a happy and healthy dog.

Pet Insurance

So tip number one gets pet insurance. A lot of people think that this is a ridiculous expense listen not. If you have an English Bulldog our recommendation is to get pet insurance when you know that you are going to be getting especially a puppy. It’s not super expensive in the grand scheme of things. It will save you money, in the end, it did for us. Now we got pet insurance with the idea that after a year.

If we never use just that we would cancel it. In the first year, we used in all Walters has multiple stomach bacterial infection two cherry eye surgeries bronchitis luxating patella along with any other injuries and the insurance came through and they have covered 80% of anything.


Tip number two: If you’re going to get an English Bulldog. You have to be a cuddle. I mean look at this-this is a normal day. I mean he is so loving he has to be touching. You at all times. I’m pulling him onto me but most of the time he jumps up on the couch usually when I’m working my computer and lies across me on top of the computer everywhere.

He is such a cuddles and he is very affectionate especially with me we have a special bond. I pretty much raised him when we got him Andrew worked and I was at home and so we eyes are supers.

English bulldogs are not as lazy as you think

We don’t love each other so much number three. It’s totally true when you hear that English bulldogs are the laziest dogs super lazy. I mean look at this lazy and Walter about 20 hours of the day. Probably, he is sleeping and like you can tire him. If he’s fighting against you like to get off this couch.

He’ll eventually give up and just end up falling asleep. Because you know that’s what happened. But there are about four hours of the day that nobody really talks about when they or at least Walter are crazy Walter will get four hours of just spurts of energy. He’s running all over the backyards up and down the stairs all around the house chasing the other dog. It is crazy like he goes insane.

It’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen a dog do this especially for how tired and lazy. He is so energetic. It’s a little bit of a misconception.

Snoring and the Gas

They’re always lazy and sleepy mostly true but they have a lot of energy number four another truth about an English Bulldog that you need to get used to is the snoring and the amount of gas that they pass that sounds pretty raunchy.

But it is very true Walter yours so loud like right. Because of his the position that he’s not snoring. But he usually you can hear him from upstairs. If you’re downstairs like it is so loud especially. If he’s like completely on his back but they soar so loud. So if you’re thinking about having your dog sleep with you. It’s something that you need to get used to I got used to it right away and now it when we’re away and he’s not with it.

I have a really hard time going to sleep without hearing his snoring. Because it soothes me the passing the gas thing we actually kind of have figured out for us when he passes a lot of gas. It’s usually a sign that he’s been overfed and when he’s not overfed he actually doesn’t pass a lot of gas but when he does bad? It’s quite embarrassing this has happened multiple times having people over for dinner or to hang out and Walter walks past them and of course, kids are not silent.

They’re quite loud like he will wake himself up. Because they’re so loud. It is hilarious, but it just makes them all the more endearing and so it sounds so gross. But I’m so used to the smell.

Watch Their Weight

Tip number five is to watch their weight and their food Walter has lost 20 pounds. Since we moved to Canada so part of the issue that we noticed when we left Kansas City is? That he had what was called a luxating to tel,l which is very common in English Bulldogs and it’s where the part of their knee is not staying in place.

When we moved we brought him to the vet and he said that it was you know was cool. It was like level 5 or level 4 out of which meant you are highly recommended to get surgery. If you don’t get surgery there their lifespan could be determined or their knee could deteriorate at the end of their life and it just wouldn’t be good. I’m going to follow up the visit to the to our regular event after seeing this specialist about his surgery they just said well in preparation for the surgery.

He should lose some weight we really took that into consideration and we really restricted his food. He’s not underfed. He’s healthy and so he lost 20 pounds and actually the crazy thing is he doesn’t even have a luxating patella anymore. We’ve seen two vets and his kneecap is stained completely in place which means we saved $5,000, Walter. It’s healthier and better than ever when he first was weighed he was about 73 74 pounds and now he weighs 54 pounds and the favorite food of Walter is Taste of the Wild – this is the best dog food for English bulldogs¬†and you can buy it at the website:¬†https://petdt.com/best-dog-food-for-english-bulldogs/.

Cleaner Ears & Skin Fold Regularly

Tips number six clean their ears and wrinkles Walter has this flap. It’s kind of dirty right now under his nose right here that we have to clean out every day. Because it gets filled with dirt and bacteria can grow baking at a hot spot. He has never had one in there but we have to clean that every day and we clean his ears every other day he hates it. It’s horrible. I hate doing it. Because we have to chase him and we hold him down.

Keep Out of the Heat

Tips number seven keep out of heat now as much as well as your loves to play. It’s hard in the summer bulldogs to tend to have a really small sinus cavity Walter tends to actually have the larger one for being an English Bulldog. So lots of English Bulldogs have a hard time breathing and in the heat. Because they’re so heavy and dense they have a hard time cooling themselves off.

Because their nose is hard for them to breathe so in the summer. He doesn’t stay outside for very long most dogs don’t but even our Georgia proportion likes to fly out in the shade for Walter sometimes the heat and humidity. It’s just too much for him and so he has to come inside. So that’s something they have to be very mindful. English bulldogs can over very fast and so you have to keep them in a cool environment for most of the day.

Toys for English Bulldogs

Tips number eight is about toys there has not yet been a toy that Walter has not destroyed Walter literally bites through any toy within five minutes of getting it calms everything. We have looked on amp everywhere for like indestructible toys. They do not withstand Walters’ teeth and I think this is a common thing with the Bulldogs is they just lock their dog onto that toy and they have one mission.

It’s to destroy it and they do I can never get him them. Because I’m paying $20 for a little ball that he’s going to have for five minutes. It’s not worth it at all so anybody has any suggestions for Bulldog worthy toys. Please let us know toys are so important for an English bulldog they need that stimulation. But you need to find something that can withstand the job of these dogs.

Find A Good Training and Dog Boarding

Because they are one tough cookie nine find a good trainer and dog boarder. We have phenomenal trainers that also board and so we take when we go away. Actually, send our dog to them and they train him. While he’s a dog boarding. Because we did I do doggy daycare but one thing that we learned very fast is that it only takes one incident to create a habit in a dog.

Walter is a very obedient and very smart dog. He just picked up a few bad habits from doggy daycare so when we moved to Canada we wanted to get those in line right away. So you found amazing trainers getting a trainer is very important. It’s much better for you and for the dog. Because what they always said is dogs want to make the right choice. They just need to understand what the wrong choices and so with that Walter have been so amazing.

I mean he’s still a puppy he just turned to the training is more about you and how you interact with the dog a lot of issues that were having with Walter wasn’t even with Walter.

It was a way that we were reacting and we were responding to situations and so they were really able to walk alongside us and teach us you know how to work with them and with even more awesome.

They’re actually teaching Walter how to skateboard. So I’m really excited about that because I think that’ll be so much fun.

Keep Your English Bulldog Stimulated

The last tip that I have for you is these dogs they’re smarter than they look these dogs know how to play dumb Walter is the smartest dog. I have ever met but he needs stimulation sometimes. They’re written up is kind of dumb all they do is sleep and eat but note. They’re very smart highly intelligent very food motivated. But they just need stimulation and that’s why obedience is so important.

Because they want to do what’s good these jobs love and crave attention the worst thing and it’s also the best discipline is almost like ignoring him. When he does something wrong because he hates that and he’s very much so affectionate but there’s also when he doesn’t want to do what you’re saying he will not I mean he will but you can tell there’s a lot of willpower in this dog.

I love that these dogs are so cuddly and that they want to be with you. They’re such a great dog phenomenal with kids my parents are foster parents and these Walter loves kids and one day. I caught one of the costly pulling his tail and pulling his ears and jumping on him and just cuddling him and he just lies there which is so amazing. I love to see because I think of having kids in the future and what will Walter be like with them.

If you want to know more English Bulldog, you can watch the video below to reference:

I’ll obviously she’s my first baby but anyways those are my tips on how to care for an English bulldog again. It’s all very personalized to my experience with Walter but a lot of these tips. We’ve read and it helped us also we watched a lot of Cesar Millan hope that you liked this post. If you do give it a thumbs up and hit share button down below and I will see you again for another post. Goodbye.

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